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All Services Are Delivered Virtually Via TeleHealth Platform

In alignment with our Mission to bring quality Mental Health Services to all in need, Carolina Pediatric Psychology leverages a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.  For further information or technical support, please contact our practice ahead of your first appointment.


Initial Intake Appointment

Opportunity to build rapport and determine a proper fit between client and therapist before embarking on our journey together.

$200 for Full Session

Return Sessions

Follow-up sessions between client and therapist to continue on their path towards completion of their personal treatment plan.

$100 for 30 Minutes
$150 for 45 Minutes

Good Faith Estimate

  • After the Initial Intake Appointment, Carolina Pediatric Psychology will provide clients a Good Faith Estimate of the projected cost for treatment of the client.

Payment Terms & Policies

  • Payments for services are accepted via major credit and debit cards. 

  • A valid credit card must remain on file with Carolina Pediatric Psychology at all times and will be used to collect payment on the same day of treatment services.  All credit card information is securely stored within the HIPAA-compliant electronic health record system.

  • Missed appointments not cancelled a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance will incur a fee of $50 per instance.  Carolina Pediatric Psychology reserves the right to terminate all services for habitual non-payment.

  • Appointments missed due to illness, injury, or other emergency situations will not incur a Missed Appointment fee.


  • Similar to many other mental health providers, Carolina Pediatric Psychology is not an 'In-Network' provider for any health insurance.  This provides flexibility in our treatment planning, ensuring the needs of each client are met.

  • Carolina Pediatric Psychology strongly recommends for all patients who intend to submit paperwork for 'Out-of-Network' reimbursement that you contact your insurance provider prior to the start of treatment to determine your level of benefit, potential required deductibles, and any other administrative requirements necessary for 'Out-of-Network' reimbursement submission.

  • In many cases, your insurance provider will reimburse a portion of your 'Out-of-Network' health care expenses.  Carolina Pediatric Psychology will provide a 'Superbill Statement' at the conclusion of each calendar month which can then be submitted by the client to their insurance provider for reimbursement consideration.

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