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All Services Are Delivered Virtually Via TeleHealth Platform

In alignment with our Mission to bring quality Mental Health Services to all in need, Carolina Pediatric Psychology leverages a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.  For further information or technical support please contact our practice ahead of your first appointment.

Individual Therapy for Teens & Young Adults
(One-on-One Sessions)

Currently providing virtual individual therapy for teenagers and young adults ages 13 to 21 experiencing anxiety and depression.

Individual Therapy
for Children

(With Parental Support)

Currently providing virtual therapy for children ages 8 to 12 struggling with anxiety and depression, with parental support needed in treatment to ensure progress.

Behavioral Parent Training
(Parent-Only Sessions)

Currently providing virtual therapy to parents with children demonstrating disruptive behaviors (e.g. aggression, non-compliance, anger outbursts, and similar behaviors).

To begin services, please contact Carolina Pediatric Psychology via the link below.

Dr. Lynch will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss availability and scheduling for services.  As part of this initial communication, Dr. Lynch will ask questions to ensure a proper fit or refer you to another, more appropriate provider.

Logistical Requirements

  • Individuals receiving treatment must be in a private location for the duration of their appointment.

  • Driving or riding in a motor vehicle is not allowed due to safety concerns.

  • For children and adolescents, please ensure they are in a private space, preferably with a door that is closed.  Parents/caretakers should not allow for any interruptions while children are in session.

  •  Children and adolescents in session must have as much   privacy as possible without fear of parents/guardians,   siblings, or other family members overhearing the content of   their session.

Client Treatment Limitations

  • As services are currently virtual-only, individuals under the age of 8 are likely not a good fit for telehealth treatment.

  • Carolina Pediatric Psychology specializes in the treatment of individuals up to the age of 21.  Prospective clients 22 years of age and older should seek treatment from a licensed provider specializing in adult mental health services.

  • Individuals with severe depression, severe suicidal ideation or severe self-injury, and individuals with psychotic disorders will need more intensive treatment than what can be offered through telehealth Sessions from Carolina Pediatric Psychology.

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